Main functionality of BI Dashboards

Twenty years of successive evolution of dashboards have resulted in preparing the almost ideal solution. If there still were any lacks, they would surely be immediately replenished.
The efforts of numerous groups of specialists have resulted in making business intelligence dashboards as functional as possible which includes:

These aren't all, but most important features. Today's dashboards still are imperfect and the process of development still lasts. Dashboards are present at every larger company, nonetheless - thank to more and more numerous free, open source solutions - they are being used commonly by more and more medium-sized and tiny companies. People get to realize that they're the best tool for controlling company's current performance.

It's easy to define the general idea of dashboards, however everything depends on the point of view, therefore there is no one common recipe for efficient and usable dashboard. All of them fulfill the common idea, nonetheless each of them is different and specific for the company where it's used.