Types of dashboards

The phenomenon of dashboards isn't surprising, nonetheless its scale seems to have risen above the expectations - especially when we consider the lacks of dashboards' functionality.

There are three common types of dashboards - strategic, tactical, and operational, where the differences between them concern the area of use.
Due to that, strategic dashboards are being commonly used whilst aligning company's strategic goals.
Tactical dashboards seem to be the best for measuring a progression of most important projects.
Finally, operational dashboards provide the most precise abilities, so that they're being commonly used for monitoring and analyzing company's activities in a given business area.

Dashboards might also be distinguished by the time an employee might spend on getting the right information. Thereupon, operational dashboards are being chosen by people who have the least time for analyzing. Their responsibility in the company isn't excessively meaningful, therefore they do not need to spend plenty of time on analyzing each volume of data.
The so called mid-level managers usually choose from two types of dashboards - tactical and operational. Having more time to spend on analyzing, they're using both these solutions in plenty of cases, in fact.
Finally, on the other end of a scale there are company's executives who operate with strategic dashboards at most.

The general statements are rather self-explanatory, but the question is how do the different types of dashboards look like in practice?
How do they influence on dashboards' functionality?

It's been mentioned that even though the dashboards seem to be a revolution, their disadvantages still are glaring. Nonetheless, a lot of disadvantages might come from a wrong choice of dashboard's type or improper implementation. Does the situation change when the type of dashboard is chosen properly? Does it influence on further efficiency or performance? It depends mostly on the type of use, nonetheless today's dashboards are complex enough to support sufficiently most of business intelligence uses.

Types of dashboards in practice

How and why - state the features of each type listed and described below. The examples of metrics given should also point out what each dashboard is being used for in practice.

Detailed information on each of the dashboard types with examples: